GROW – A global working group

Our goal is to communicate the benefits of our natural products with regard to safety, nutrition, health and sustainability.

Purpose and goals

GROW – Gelatin Representatives of the World – is a joint working group of the four regional gelatin associations GMAP (Asia/Pacific), GME (Europe), GMIA (North America) and SAGMA (South America). 
These associations have a long history of working together on safety and testing aspects of gelatin. In the face of globalization, the international, national and regional regulatory framework is becoming increasingly complex. In the interest of customers, consumers and the gelatin industry worldwide, sharing regular information and alignment and the need for effective global communication are clearly essential. GROW strives to strengthen dialog between regional gelatin associations in order to ensure safe, natural, and reliable products. GROW also informs and communicates with customers and the media on the benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides. 


Founded in February 2020, the GROW working group actively pursues global exchange in two committees: the GROW Steering Committee and the GROW PR Committee.

Main focus

With the expertise of the members of all four gelatin associations, GROW raises awareness of the benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides and further develops the industry to ensure that customers and consumers are provided with safe, natural and reliable products. GROW’s primary focus is on the following topics:

  • Raising awareness of gelatin and collagen peptides as natural and safe products with numerous benefits in different applications  
  • Exchanging details of regulatory developments in the different regions 
  • Working on the improvement of analytical methods and global testing standards 
  • Fostering free trade of gelatin worldwide 
  • Sharing knowledge about new scientific information 


The GROW Steering and PR committees neither directly nor indirectly handle any topics of a commercial nature. All participants are especially careful to abide by compliance and anti-trust/competition law rules.