Quality and safety are top priority

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Collagen peptides are a healthy and safe ingredient. GROW gelatin manufacturers worldwide only use premium quality raw materials and control the product quality throughout their multi-stage manufacturing process.Traditionally, collagen peptides are manufactured from pork skin, cattle split and fish skin. The raw materials are obtained from licensed slaughterhouses and fish farms in which all animals are examined by veterinarians.

The conventional slaughter, control and approval procedures guarantee that the raw materials used for collagen peptides have been approved for human consumption.

This means that all raw materials are subject to continuous and rigorous checks concerning safety and origin. The same laws apply as for gelatin, with identical legal and safety factors.   

As regards their safety, collagen peptides are one of the most rigorously examined foodstuffs. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection have confirmed collagen peptides' safety based on international research findings.