Why Dairies Rely on Gelatin’s Unique Properties

Delivering ideal texture and flavor in dairy products like yogurt, dips or dessert is important for consumers but can at the same time pose challenges for food developers. Continue reading to learn more about how these challenges can be overcome.

This is where hydrocolloids come into play. As gelatin is unique in the world of hydrocolloids, being the only hydrocolloid that is animal protein-based, it offers a wide range of characteristics and functionalities which make it a staple for texture in the dairy industry. The specific properties that most dairies are looking for are low hot solution viscosity, time and temperature dependent gel formation, thermo-reversible gelation, as well as foam forming and stabilization.

Let's ask Nesha

As a food scientist with over 20 years of technical experience in the industry, Nesha Zalesny knows best about gelatin’s unique characteristics that make it indispensable to the dairy industry. She spent most of her career trying to duplicate the properties of gelatin in food applications with an emphasis on dairy foods.

In this video, Nesha explains how gelatin’s properties make it an invaluable hydrocolloid for dairies: