Busting Gelatin Myths - one video at a time

Gelatin is an indispensable all-rounder used in countless products and applications. Even though gelatin is part of our daily lives, there are a lot of misconception and mystery around what it is and how it is used. Want to unravel what is true and what is not? This video series will help break down some assumptions about gelatin.  

Let’s sort out the myths from the truths!

"Can gelatin really help with weight loss?"

This video is #BustingGelatinMyths and exploring the surprising health benefits of gelatin and how it supports a balanced diet.

True or false? “Only chefs know how to cook with gelatin!”

By #BustingGelatinMyths, this video highlights gelatin’s unique consumer-friendly properties making it a true all-rounder in the food industry and in today’s kitchen.  

What do you think? “Is gelatin old school?”

Gelatin is a real innovation driver in natural sciences thanks to its diverse use and applications that this video closer examines. Hello future? Gelatin calling: Myth busted!